3mm Foamex

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Being easy to cut and shape, a Foamex board is lightweight and quite easy to install. This property allows a designer to create as innovative displays as they can along with requisite advertising materials. Owing to their cellular structure Foamex signs also possess and in incredible strength to weight ratio, which makes them extremely durable as well as cost-effective - when compared to other alternatives like plywood and MDF signage. Available in various sizes such as 3mm Foamex and 5mm Foamex, the boards are weatherproof and water repellent, which means that they will not end up absorbing moisture, and hence will not bend or break when being used outdoors.
This property makes it an extremely smart choice when thinking about exterior displays. Apart from this, signage made out of a Foamex board is also UV repellent, which means it won’t fade as much when exposed to harsh sunlight. In fact, a Foamex board is so durable that it is guaranteed that they will last at least 7 years outdoors and 10 years indoors.

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