7 Most Probable Reasons for Sudden Tooth Pain

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1.Temperature sensitivity

If you are exposed to extreme heat or cold, you will experience temperature sensitivity.

2. Gum recession
Gums are the pink fleshy layer that covers bones inside your mouth. They surround the tooth roots and protect the ending of nerves.

3. Enamel erosion
The shiny white enamel which covers your teeth, is the hardest substance in the human body, even stronger than bone.

4. Cavities

Cavities are the term used for decaying teeth. A cavity in your tooth is another reason behind the sudden tooth discomfort you might be feeling.

5. Gum disease
Gum disease is known as periodontal disease and is another common cause of tooth pain.

6. Cracked tooth or crown
Yes, a major and visible cracked tooth/ crown can cause sensitivity and tooth pain.

7. Sinus infection
A sinus infection could also lead you to pain in the teeth and jaw. In a sinus infection, the sinuses become inflamed. They get filled with pressure from the infection.

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