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Smile is the first thing that anyone would notice about another person. Clean, healthy, pearly white teeth can add a lot of volume to your smile. And thanks to the advancement in dental science today, tooth whitening is an easily available and affordable procedure. So the dream of a picture-perfect smile with pearly white teeth can easily be turned into reality. But one has to be careful to choose your tooth-whitening program prudently. You could either opt for at-home whitening with over the counter products or seek services of a dentist who specializes in teeth whitening South East London.

The Dangers of DIY Teeth Whitening The market offers an ample number of over-the-counter methods that promise whiter teeth and a confident smile from the comfort of your home. Such products appear to be a quick fix and may lure you to skip the time, money and effort of a dental visit. But most of the times such do-it-yourself (DIY) methods can be dangerous and ineffective. The result of DIY methods is often much less as compared to dentists offering professional teeth whitening South East London. But that’s not all. Such DIY methods could be risky and leave you with temporary to permanent damages. Once damaged, at times even rushing to an emergency dentist South East London would not help you. So before you consider trying any DIY methods, do consider the following dangers associated with some popular types of DIY teeth-whitening methods.

Whitening Strips Generally, whitening strips are the least risky of the DIY teeth whitening south East London method. They are easily available off the counter and are also an effective method that can help you get a brighter smile. But whitening strips too have their downside. Overuse of such strips can damage both your gums and teeth. This could kick start tooth sensitivity as well.

Oil-PullingMay sound a little strange to accept, but people all over the world believe that oil-pulling, that is swishing edible oil around your teeth for around 15- to 20-minute can help in improving the color of your teeth. The principle behind this process is simple. Oil helps to draw toxins from the mouth, thus contributing to improving oral health. This would, in turn, contribute to whiter teeth. But such an oil pulling process has not been scientifically proven yet. Also, oil-pulling cannot prevent tooth decay. So basically such a process may work, but is not a 100% dependable process promising you whiter teeth.

Baking Soda

Some people claim the use of sodium bicarbonate or baking soda (as we commonly call it), as a good teeth-whitening solution. But it also has abrasive properties. The use of baking soda repeatedly would definitely lead to damaging your tooth enamel. And a weak enamel is the gateway to a lot of tooth-related problems, the first one being tooth decay.

Although DIY teeth whitening methods seem to be easy and cost-effective, such methods come with lots of dangers or disadvantages. Dentists all over the world warn their patients about the troubles caused by DIY teeth whitening kits. All this makes one thing extremely clear- the primary hazard of DIY teeth whitening is definitely the overuse and incorrect use of harmful chemicals.

Safer Alternatives

The desire to have pearly white teeth is not an incorrect one. But when the matter concerns your body and exposure to chemicals, one should not take the risk and go for safe and recommended means. A dentist is a professionally trained and experienced person to do so. They also have access to the latest and safest methods and can customize your treatment as per your specific requirements. This would ensure that the tooth whitening process is not only safe but longer-lasting and perfect too!

In totality, it would be wise to reconsider the probable risks of opting for over-the-counter products to whiten teeth at home. Ensure you do not land up in a situation where you would need to seek services of an emergency dentist South East London to sort out the mess and harm your DIY teeth whitening process has created! For the best and least harmful teeth-whitening options, do consult a teeth whitening South East London dentist. It is advised not to compromise the structural integrity of your teeth and overall oral health with DIY remedies. Contact the Mindful dentist today!

The Mindful Dentist

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