Benefits of Super Hair Removal IPL

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We have the newest SHR IPL technology which has numerous benefits and added features, influencing your hair free experience.
– Our technology offers a safe and pain-free procedure for clients. Our equipment is tested and medical graded. SHR IPL lasers have low-heat settings and an in-motion procedure, making them the safest lasers used for laser hair removal.

– Suitable for all skin and hair types- this is something that other more dated lasers cannot offer.

– No recovery time is needed after treatment, therefore you can continue with other activities immediately afterwards. We don’t interfere with your lifestyle or affect your working hours.

– No more shaving bumps, rashes or ingrowing hairs!

– Cost and time effective. This treatment provides permanent hair removal and therefore no weekly shaving or waxing is needed. Studies show you spend a minimum of 70 hours shaving your legs (only) in the space of a year and endless ££ buying new razor heads, waxing strips and shaving foam.

– Hygiene levels improve.

– Boost your confidence with a hair-free lifestyle.