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This right-handed psaltery Right-Handed has 30 steel strings, ranging F4-Bb6. Constructed with a spruce soundboard on a body of lacewood. The single sound hole features an intricately carved Rosewood rosette. It ships with a psaltery bow, tuning tool, and rosin.

The Bowed Rounded Psaltery Right-Handed is a beautiful sounding melody instrument producing a clear and ethereal sound. The psaltery is also very easy to play. The psaltery bow is held in the dominate hand and only one string is played at a time, being bowed between the Hitch Pins. You may choose to play your psaltery with two bows, one in each hand. With that technique, each bow plays one side of the instrument.
Playing the Rounded Psaltery Right-Handed may seem daunting until you understand the placement of the notes. Look at the psaltery and you will see the Hitch Pins along one side are evenly spaced (like white keys on a piano). On the opposite side, the Hitch Pins are arranged in groups of 3 and 2 with spaces between (like the black keys on a piano). Bowing the evenly spaced strings plays the natural notes. Sharps and flats are played by reaching the bow over to the opposite side of the instrument. A Right-Handed Psaltery has the natural notes on the right side, the Left-Handed Psaltery has the natural notes are on the left side.

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