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Six course Arabic Oud Rosewood with classic tear drop shape and bowl bottom. It includes 7 wound nylon strings and 4 rectified nylon strings, as well as a fixed Rosewood bridge. The body of the Arabic Oud Rosewood and neck are made from Rosewood and the bowl has white pinstripes in between each wooden stave. The neck and tuning pegs are also made out of Rosewood. Its soundboard is made out of spruce wood and has three round shaped sound holes, one larger one in the center and two smaller ones below on the sides. There is also a Rosewood pick guard at bottom to help prevent scratching sound board when playing. The decorations can vary from those photographed. This oud contains a great selection of woods and wonderful craftsmanship. There are multiple tuning options for instrument, but we recommend using the Arabic method: DGADGC. This oud has a range of more than 3 octaves. Accessories include a gig bag and Owner’s Guide. The oud is the main instrument of Arabic music and is popular throughout the Middle East.

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