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An interdental brush by TePe, designed to clean the gaps between the teeth, where a regular toothbrush is unable to reach. Use daily to keep gums and teeth healthy and fresh.

The interdental brushes are developed in collaboration with dental experts to ensure the highest quality in every detail. Daily use can remove up to 40% more plaque than toothbrushing alone. Effective plaque removal prevents gum inflammation, cavities and bad breath.

• The easy, innovative and alternative way to floss
• Thoroughly cleans and removes plaque between teeth
• Color coded brushes cover a range of sizes for narrow and wide spaces
• High quality bristles for efficient cleaning and durability
• User friendly handle offers a stable, convenient grip
• Plastic coated wire for safe use
• Ventilated plastic protective cap
• For daily use, orthodontics, and implants
• Highly effective for the prevention of gingivitis and periodontal disease

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