Cash paid for good stories

England, Berkshire, Reading
Published 11 months ago
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Cash paid for good stories
England, Berkshire, Reading,
Published 11 months ago


Do you have a story to sell? We provide stories, for womens weekly magazines.
Most people have a story to tell but don't even realise it! If you're in any doubt, please apply and we'll give you an honest opinion. We like usual stories, but also the following type of stories are particularly attractive to our markets:

Romance: Did you meet your partner in strange circumstances?
- Did you meet after a long absence?
- Is your partner a lot older or younger than you?
- Did you meet through tragic or amusing circumstances?
- Do you have a big age gap?
- Decided to get married, the day you first met your man?

Betrayal: Has your partner betrayed you?
- Perhaps with a close friend?
- Did you plot to catch him out?
- Have you sought revenge from a love-rat?
- Have you escaped from a violent partner?
- - My man cheated on me while I was pregnant

Weight: Have you been anorexic? We will need before and after photos, and you will have to have gone down to 6 stone or more, for it to sell.
Are you overweight?
Has your eating disorder led you to find love?
- Have you lost 10 stone or more?
- Had a gastric band operation that went wrong?

Crime: Have you helped to solve a crime?
The person, needs to be convicted for the story to sell.

Weddings: Have you had an unusual wedding?
Did you marry against the odds?

= Had cosmetic surgery that has gone wrong?
Spent x to look like your favourite celebrity?

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