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We have discount offers on over entire stock. If you are going for umrah or hajj through British haj travel than don't get worried because we provide all necessities detail. You are also don't get frustration where you buy these items because we have our own product you may check these products on our Islamic shop.
We also provide complete detail below what you should remind when you start packing
You need to buy some of your spare parts. E.g.
1. Passport, Ticket, and Dollar
2. Small bags hanging around the neck for keeping passports, visas, and money.
3. At least two sets of Ihram cloth. For each set of the body, two yards of the second hand, two yards of padding, one piece of cloth, and three-yard cloth for the same suit. Ihram's clothes will be white. If the cotton is good.
4. Soft-sided sponge sandals.
5. The belt is needed for the use of Ihram binders.
6. Towel and towel
7. You can take your choice of comfortable clothes
8. Soap, toothpaste, brush, and microwave.
9. Nails and needle-yarn
10. Dish, bowls, and glass.
11. Book of Hajj, Quran Sharif and Doa-Dours Book.
12. Paper-pen
13. Winter clothes The reason is that in Madina, there is colder.
14. Necessary medicines Medicines can be taken with some more. Keep up with the doctor's prescription.
15. If you use glasses, additional glasses will be used because of the crowd or any other reason.
16. Burka for women
17. Bag or suitcase for taking accessories, with lock-key; On the bag, you need to enter your name, address and phone number in English.

So we provide complete detail about what you need or not and shop a variety of Umrah & Hajj Necessities on our Islamic shop to overcome your frustration where you get this item including
Ihrams, Women's Dresses, Tesbih Prayer Beads, Portable Travel Prayer Mats, and More.

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