Close Protection Services Everything You Need to Know

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Celebrities, politicians, bankers, and other wealthy people often pay for close protection services when spending time in public or travelling to dangerous destinations.

We live in a world that’s threatened by criminals and terrorists, and so it’s no surprise that some of the most influential people in the world go to extremes when it comes to ensuring their safety.

The modern close protection officer has to undergo lots of complicated training to ensure they know how to spot warning signs and keep their clients away from harm.

All professionals need a Close Protection Licence issued by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) to work in England or Wales.

The process of getting your licence is more complicated than most people realise, and so we’ll try to shed some light on the situation in this section.

With that in mind, this career choice would suit adventurers and those who enjoy adrenaline but manage to keep a cool head in challenging situations.

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