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Buy Disposable Dog diapers at just £25.99. These are designed for incontinent dogs, bitches in season, and wraps for incontinent male dogs. Simple Solution Waterproof Dog Nappies - pants for dogs, used with Diaper Garment Pads (order as separate item).

Diaper Garments are a brilliant product that gives protection from excitable urination and incontinence. Diaper Garments are also great for bitches that are in season and puppies that are not yet house trained. Diaper garments are machine washable and reusable, and come in an attractive denim fabric with an internal lining. Diaper garments do up on either side with velcro, so there is a bit of lee-way on the waist measurement. Please contact us if you need help with sizing - sizes range from x-small, to x-large, suitable for dogs from the smallest puppies and toy breeds, to Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherd etc.

Visit : https://sphsupplies.co.uk/dog-diapers-nappies/550-simple-solution-all-day-premium-dog-pads-0010279102428.html


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