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Eating disorder treatment clinic in London, Experienced in treating all types of Eating Disorders for women & men suffering from anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating. At The Blue Tree Clinic, We offer a range of eating disorders treatments from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to Psychiatric Treatment.

How do I know if I have an eating disorder?

It can often be the case that individuals with eating disorders do not recognize they have a problem. However, common symptoms may include:

- The negative perception of or dissatisfaction with your body
- Obsessive weighing
- Comparing your body with other people who you may deem ideal
- Self-consciousness, low self-esteem and/or shame
- Perfectionism
- Excess eating or restricted eating
- Extremes of BMI
- Purging
- Fear of gaining weight
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Mark Silvert The Blue Tree Clinic provides confidential, fast and effective appointments with our private psychiatrist, psychologists, CBT therapists, and Nutritionists. We pride ourselves for having the best private psychiatrists and psychologists in London. Rated No 1 in Harley Street, London and in the South West of the UK, our team of expert psychiatrists, psychologists, and health professionals are here to help treat a range of therapy areas and mental health conditions. Hypnotherapy allows one to ‘override’ initial negative responses to stimuli or ideas, in order to ease symptoms for a range of issues. In this way, when faced with the stressful scenario in the future, the hypnotic response can be applied and the stress or pain-response is reduced. Here at Blue Tree, we have a highly-trained hypnotherapist that may be able to help. If you believe that you may benefit from Hypnotherapy, or if you’re interested in finding out more, please contact us now for more information. Posting for 3+ years

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