Fear @ Fort Horsted

Chatham, Kent, England £ 35.00
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Fear At Fort Horsted

1st December 2017
Time : 5pm till 12.00am

Enter the darkness of this eerie abandoned military fort, built to supress the territorial ambitions of France and Germany in the mid 1880s. It was decided by the government that 5 forts in total be constructed around south east England to increase its defences.

Work started on Fort Horsted in 1880 using a convict labour force from nearby Borstal prison under the supervision of the Royal Engineers. Built in the shape of a six sided arror head, each flank being protected by machine guns within the counterscarp gallerie, the fort during this period was home to 400 men and women.

By the early 1990s the fort was completely deserted and very much in need of attention. The fort was purchased at auction by Avondale who started to use the fort as a business office whilst still retaining it's original historic features.

Its hauntings are numerous and many and said to include :

Shadowy figures witnessed in the abandoned tunnels.

The voice of a little girl has been recorded by visitors .

A negative energy said to make visitors feel rather sickly, nervous and uncomfortable in certain areas of the fort.

The ghosts of a mother and her child have been seen walking the grounds wearing very old clothes.

Areas of the fort are reputed to be so haunted security guards refuse to patrol.

This is your chance to uncover Fort Horsted's history and witness it's paranormal activity for yourself.

Helpful Advice

Over 18’s Only.

Parking available on-site.

Hot drinks are provided throughout the investigation.

We highly recommend that everyone attending this event wrap up warm and wear sensible  footwear.

You are welcome to bring along any equipment ie torches, cameras, video cameras, emf  meters, laser thermometers etc along to this event.

Please allow for any delays that you may encounter whilst traveling to this event.

Please be advised that there are no sleeping facilities available at this location. 

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