Fizz Swizzels Drumstick Love Heart Refresher Sweet Beach Home Bath Towel Holidays Fun(Drumstick)

Windsor, Berkshire, GB £ 19.99

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Swizzels Beach Towel Colour Love Hearts, Refreshers, Drumsticks Product spec Official Swizzels Sweets Merchandise Drumstick Love Hearts and Refreshers designed Towels gift set Looks like a giant Drumstick sweet wrapper Looks like a giant Drumstick sweet wrapper Machine wash cold at 30 degrees Sizes Dimensions approx: 180cm (H) x 93cm (D)


• Fun: Remember the good old days of fun sweets, days on the beach, innocence. Here we have the original sweets of Drumsticks, Love Heart and Swizzels for your fun holiday.
• Colourful: Stand out from the crowd on your holidays when you have one of our colourful and bright towels. Why be part of the crowd when you can make a statement with one of these retro towels.
• Easy To Carry: Fantastic bags come with these easy bags that are compact and make an ideal present for anybody's birthday, Valentines day or an early Christmas keep.
• Novelty: Why be a boring beach babe when you can be a vibrant beach babe with one of these fabulous towels.

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