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GC-EVS24C Electric Scroll Compressor

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There is an increasing requirements for higher efficiency electric compressor. High voltage AC compressor and low volt ones are also increasing for electrically-driven compressors for EVs.
Guchen EAC enables to manufacture and supply 2 new models of eCompressors: Heat Pump type and Inverter Type Scroll Compressor.
All these two units are high voltage air conditioning compressors. they have been widely used in automotive industry in the past few years.
No matter what your requirement is, Please feel free to let Guchen EAC Help With Your Electric A/C Compressor.
If you have any questions on EVs or electric vehicle air conditioning compressor, we are ready to help.
More information on Guchen Electric Compressor:
with more than 20 years of rich experience in electric bus industry, we offer a wide variety of products and services to keep your electric vehicle performing at the highest level.
The electric compressor is an integrated product of the electric motor and the compressor. The two share the same main shaft. Because the electric scroll compressor has the characteristics of compact structure, high reliability, and continuous liquid discharge, it is the best choice for electric vehicle compressors.
HVAC systems differ from one hybrid to the next, and some systems have used a scroll compressor, which can be powered via a belt when the engine is running, or electrically when the engine is off. Most of the newer hybrids have changed to an inverter compressor, which is a high-voltage electrical motor.

The unique design of the electric scroll compressor makes it an energy-saving compressor in the world today. The main operating part of the scroll compressor is only dirty and not worn, so it has a longer life and is known as a maintenance-free compressor. The scroll compressor runs smoothly, has low vibration, and has a quiet working environment. It is also known as the "hyperstatic compressor". The high voltage electric AC compressor has the advantages of novel and precise structure, small size, low noise, light weight, low vibration, low energy consumption, long life, continuous and stable gas transmission, reliable operation, clean air source, etc. Known as the "New Revolutionary Compressor" and "No Maintenance Compressor" are ideal power sources for pneumatic machinery, widely used in industries, agriculture, transportation, medical equipment, food decoration, textiles and other industries and other occasions that require compressed air .


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