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Product Name: Directions Semi Permanent Hair Colour


Do you want Directions Semi-Permanent Hair Colour? La Riche Directions have hair dye witch can give you bold, true color in a huge range of shades. A semi-permanent dye, Directions hair color offers almost endless possibilities and if you want the SALE on the Directions hair products than CHECK our COSMETIZE site to get the best deal in the UK. Use our WELCOMECOSMETIZE coupon code and book today!

Key Features:

• Directions Semi Permanent Hair Colour keeps going around 4-8 washes
• Does not require the development of peroxide
• Can be blended with each other, enabling you to make your own one of a kind shade easily
• A dependable, rich color that functions admirably on most hair types.
• It has an incredible conditioning impact

Brand Name: Directions

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