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In this brave new world each day starts with some inauguration of some new establishment. And all this establishments come with another bright side. All this new organizations wants to put their security into solid hands. And, guess what, you can be one of those solid hands. You just need to have SIA SECURITY Training and SIA License for working in various roles of the security industry. Now-a-days, a person will only get hired as a security guard in UK if you have a license.
SIA Security training provides a number of job options. You can get a job as a door supervisor or a security guard, even as a CCTV operator. There is a number of courses and license available to fit you into different shoes at the Private security industry. You can take a SIA CCTV training course, a SIA Door supervisor course or a SIA security guarding course. Let’s check what you can expect from these courses.

(A) SIA CCTV training
Remember, for working as a CCTV operator in UK, the SIA CCTV Training and SIA CCTV license is a MUST. Without SIA License it is illegal to work as private security personnel in UK
Nationally and Internationally CCTV is increasingly considered as the keynote of security to various establishments, crime detection etc. Along with the machine comes the need of operators and opportunity of employment. Approximately 2.5 million CCTV cameras with over 11000 on the London Underground alone! The rise in the number of CCTV cameras means an increased opportunity for you to get employed as an operative once you have a CCTV license. This makes the SIA CCTV Training course a perfect launch pad to your career in the Private security industry.
Obtaining the level 2 SIA CCTV Training qualification is the first step towards getting an SIA license. If your plan is to work as a CCTV operator, this is the right qualification for you.
To be one of the thousands of CCTV operators and start a career in this field let’s see in a nutshell, WHAT IS TO BE DONE
• Enroll yourself to the SIA CCTV Training Course
• Take the exam for Level 2 CCTV License
• Pass the exam
• Apply for the License
• We are lucky to have you in the Private Security Industry in UK
What will you learn on the SIA CCTV Training Course?
This course is designed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) to give you a full insight of your role within the security industry. The course covers everything from the legal aspects of CCTV monitoring to practical lessons on equipment and usage.
This is another good option in SIA Security training. If you want to work as a security guard in different establishments, SIA Door supervisor license is good for that.

The SIA Door supervisor course runs for 6 days. After completion of the course you need to wait for maximum five working days to get the result. Once you get the result, you can apply and get the license. For joining this course you must have the Emergency First Aid at work certificate and you need to be above 18 years of age. After the course a multiple-choice question type exam will be taken. You need to pass the exam in order to get the level 2 license.

Your responsibilities as a door supervisor
• Controlling entry
• Maintaining order
• Helping Customers
• Ensuring health and safety
• First Aid
• Evacuation
(C) SIA Security Guarding
You can opt for SIA security guarding course too. But we always suggest you to choose the SIA door supervisor course instead. With door supervisor License, you will be able to work as normal security guard. But with Security guarding license you cannot work at licensed establishments.

Apart from all these, there is Emergency First Aid work training in SIA security training. This is necessary in order to get a SIA Door supervisor license.

All These courses are entry-level. That means, you don’t need to have a formal qualification to get the licenses in SIA Security training.
Worried About the Exams?
Well, there is no need to stress out. SIA Security Training course leading to level 2 security licenses is fairly simple. Everything you need to know for the examination is covered in the SIA Security Training course and your expert instructor will fully prepare you for success in the tests. Statistically, majority of learners will pass the SIA Security Training exam in the first attempt. Sounds easy, No?

How do you apply for SIA Security license?
“Applying for a license” may sound complicated, but trust us, IT IS VERY SIMPLE. You just need to pass the SIA Security Training course you opted for, complete the license procedure in the SIA website, complete identity checks, and you are good to have a SIA license valid for three years.
At the completion of SIA Security Training, your application for the license will cost you 210 pounds. You need to provide documents to prove your identity (Passport, Driving licenses etc.) and two recent passport sized Photographs.
According to SIA website once you pay the fee it may take up to 25 working days to get your license.
Once you have SIA license, you can legally work in the private security industry and as a part of the Public Space Surveillance system. And trust us it is a more exciting career opportunity than many think.
Please Note, the License you get, will be valid for a period of three years. After the validity is expired you have to apply for the renewal of the License. In the meantime, you may add a few SIA other Licenses to your arsenal and make yourself a formidable candidate with avenues for better jobs in the security industry.
Once you get your SIA Security Training and the SIA Security license, you are good to start your career in the world of Private security industry in UK as a CCTV operator or a security guard or door supervisor. Be a member of Security Industry and have a secure future.


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