How Safe is eBay for sellers?

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During the peak season of Xmas last year, one of my close associates was enjoying big ticket sales and had to employ extra staff to fulfil on-time deliveries . But January bought a nasty surprise for the company, they sold Fire & safety goods for over £60000, but only received two thirds of the payment in account. Surely this can’t be right thought the owner Mr. Nick Bami, so he looked in to the accounts and things didn’t tally up.

So, once he investigated further he realised that it was his worst fear had come true!

The company had been SCAMMED!

Someone had accessed his account on eBay and changed the beneficiary PayPal details.. and before the company noticed anything they’d lost over £20000 in payments to scammers .
But Nick Bami, Managing Director of Fire and Safety Systems LTD and his company had faith in one of the worlds biggest e-commerce platform, after all they’ve been a seller on the platform for years and have traded with great success for so long. So he decided to contact eBay team, who at first response told him that they could not stop or change any details to stop the fraud and Nick should cancel his listings in order to avoid further loss of payments.

Easily said than done! It’s taken him years to build his company profile and credibility and if he cancels and re-lists the products, he will have to start all over again.
But eBay will not assist .. and regarding the monies lost they kept shoving him from pillar to post ..and even said that it’s PayPal he should be contacting .

After two months of persistent efforts and hours of being on the phone to various departments of eBay and PayPal.. he still haven’t recovered a penny.

Ebay won’t even provide him the details on how and when the account details were changed , so he can’t even report the crime in detail to the UK police or Action fraud without all the relevant details

Should Mr. Nick Bami from Fire and safety systems LTD, UK ,who have served thousands of satisfied customers carry on as usual and accept the losses he has made ??

Should he continue to sell on eBay, fearing, if the same scam can happen again..?

Or should he take the fight further with eBay and seek justice from e-commerce giants who claim to have invested millions in protecting their customers from scams

Why does a seller who has paid a huge amount of fees to eBay for years doesn’t even have a personalised account manager?

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