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How to Avoid Bad Breath?

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Now that we have discussed in detail what causes bad breath, the next logical question that comes to our mind is how to avoid it. While there may not be any sure-shot ways, there are certainly ways to keep your mouth healthy and stay away from bad breath to some extent. Let us see some of these here:

1. Good Toothpaste
In most cases, bad breath is caused by a bacterial build-up called plaque. KushelMorjaria dentist would recommend you use a good toothpaste along with mouth wash to keep a tab on the bacterial build-up. Thus, helping control the bad breath.

2. Regular brushing
It goes without saying, that the key to oral health is in regular brushing of your teeth. It should be done at least twice a day if not after every meal with a good toothpaste that has anti-bacterial properties.

3. Regular flossing
Flossing helps remove dirt and food particles stuck in between the teeth and in the gums. Regular flossing helps to improve the cleanliness of the mouth reducing bad breath.

4. Treatment of dental issues
In case of any dental issues please seek expert advice from Dentist South East London. This is important only for your oral health but will also keep bad breath away.

5. Regular Dental Checkups
This is a must for everyone even if you have no bad breath or any other issues. While most people ignore or call off visiting Dentist South East London, any kind of dental issue must be treated at the onset. This is possible only through bi-annual dental checkups for you and your family.

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