How To Recover Important Documents And Files After A Flood Or Fire

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Keeping vital documents and files is imperative for every institution or individual. This can be for future reference, historic, or administrative purposes. However, your most treasured documents can be negatively affected in the event of floods or fire. What happens then? Today, you can recover your documents whether the damage is small or extensive. The process of document recovery is even more successful if you prepare ahead and act on time.

Recovery process

Set up a good and clean cover on the table in a safe room or place.
Use milk crates to remove all wet records and folders from the flooded area.
Discard file and document folders to ensure all your documents dry well.
Keep all records in order while taking note of what is written in the file folder before you discard it.
For individual records, keep them in a separate place.
Air dry all your documents for 30 to 48 hours and store them in new files.

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