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Initiative on Renewal Energy | 5kw & 6.6kw Solar plant on the roof In Victoria

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In this world the domain of technologies is increasing day by day but there is one more thing which is at boom i.e Renewable resources. Yes, renewables are increasingly displacing dirty fossil fuels in the power sector, offering the benefit of lower emissions of carbon and other types of pollution. Basically Renewable energy, often referred to as clean energy, comes from natural sources or processes that are constantly replenished. While renewable energy is often thought of as a new technology, harnessing nature’s power has long been used for heating, transportation, lighting, and more. A non-renewable resource is also a natural resource that cannot be readily replaced by natural means at a quick enough pace to keep up with consumption.

As far now it is clear that this world is going to use renewable resources but still the question here is which renewable resource should we use to meet our need. Among all the natural resources and renewable resouces Solar energy has been proven to be the most efficient and effective among renewable energy sources for home and commercial use.

Humans have been harnessing solar energy for thousands of years—to grow crops, stay warm, and dry foods. Solar, or photovoltaic (PV), cells are made from silicon or other materials that transform sunlight directly into electricity. Distributed solar systems generate electricity locally for homes and businesses, either through rooftop panels or community projects that power entire neighborhoods.You can check 5kw and 6.6kw best solar battery system in Melbourne
Solar PV generated 3.1 per cent of Australia’s electricity in 2016-17, the majority of which came from small-scale rooftop PV. More than two million, or 21 percent, of Australian households now have rooftop solar PV, with a combined capacity exceeding 10 GW. For live solar PV data Click Here. Installations continue to rise and the APVI’s SunSpoT online tool shows there is still plenty of potential on Australia’s remaining roofs.

But why they are supporting solar projects ? The reason is simple that their purpose is to improve the competitiveness of renewable energy technologies and increase the supply of renewable energy through innovation that benefits Australian consumers and businesses. By connecting investment, knowledge and people to deliver energy innovation, they are basically helping to build the foundation of a renewable energy ecosystem in Australia.


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