Kamal Makeover- Ace Make-up Ideas You Must Know

England, Dorset, Cranborne
Published 3 months ago
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Kamal Makeover- Ace Make-up Ideas You Must Know
England, Dorset, Cranborne,
Published 3 months ago


Kamal Makeover- Ace Make-up Ideas You Must Know

When it is about make-up, you can pull off as many experiments from products, techniques, blends, to styles. The beauty world is packed with a lot of hacks that you must be aware of. Today we’ll discuss five major beauty tips every makeup enthusiast should know and follow.

Applying concealer under the dark eye bags is quite a mainstream method; the new way suggests applying the concealer in a triangular shape. It is a reverse triangle where the base must be below the lash line and the point should be over the cheeks. The hack gives you an instant lift and makes your skin youthful and glowing.

If you’ve dried up mascara there is no need to throw it away (unless it is very old!). To revive it back to life, you can add some drops of lens solution. It will de-clump the dried texture and make it useful yet again

Broken Products:
Your broken makeup always leads to the cause of worry since you never want it to happen with your expensive range. So when your powder-based product – be it a blush or a compact powder, has broken, you can quickly fix it with rubbing alcohol. Pour few drops on it and voila! Your product is all set to charm you again.

Eye Lashes:
Every beauty aspirant desires to get voluminous lashes and to achieve the same is to use the baby powder. A coating of a baby powder over the lashes followed by the mascara will give it an instant volume and fuller look.

Eye Pencil as a Gel Eye Liner:
You can easily make an eye pencil to work like gel-based eyeliner. Just heat the tip of the pencil with a blow dryer, make it melt a little and spread it on your eyelids. It is as smooth as gel eyeliner and engenders you with a neat look.

So, here are the genius hacks you must know while carrying out your makeup regime. Don’t get stressed when there are several alternates or hacks to your worries!

Happy Make-up-ing!


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