Loreal Silver Shampoo

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L’Oreal Silver Shampoo includes deep dyes that compensate a strong yellow shade on your hair. The shampoo assists moisturize and nourish your hair genuinely. It protects your hair from external damage and keeps your hair shafts strong.

Regular application of this shampoo keeps your hair vibrant and gives a salon-like feel every day. It works wonders on natural grey hair that has developed a yellow shade due to various factors like wind, rain, and pollution. The shampoo not only eliminates the yellow shade but also strengthens your hair shafts and spurs hair growth. The shampoo includes purple tinge which when mixes to give off a neutral shade on your hair. It is enriched with Polyphenol present in the açai berry base that improves the shine on your hair.

Key Features:
• Counterbalances brassy or yellow tones from your blonde hair
• Feeds your hair deeply
• Conditions your hair
• Protects your hair from outside contamination
• Improves shine on your hair

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