Motowizard waterproof Jacket + Trouser Deal (White)

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Product Description:
All our Moto Wizard Motorcycle jackets are designed to meet both the safety and fashion needs. Profirst Moto wizard jackets are versatile enough to span multiple riding styles and biker’s choice. Our jackets are made of high-quality material and are four seasons capable.

High-quality material:
Moto wizard jackets are based on high-quality Cordura 600D fabric, which makes them waterproof and durable enough to protect you from any mishap while riding the bike. Shoulders are equipped with Dobby mat fabric and soft micro fabric material is used in collar while collar edges are made with Neoprene fabric.

Bar tack Sewed:
To provide long lasting performance, all the joints are bar tack sewed to prevent snapping. Not only Joints, zip corners are also bar tack sewed. We went a step ahead and used YKK based zips that last long-term.

Air Vents:
In summer season, when heat is formed in jacket, Profirst add air vents to tackle this problem. There are two vents zip in front, two vents zip at back and one zip is placed at back to provide more comfort and proper air during motorbike riding.
2 X front shoulders vents zip
2 X back shoulders vents zip
1 X back vent zip

Reflective Panels:
Moto wizard jackets are designed to provide complete safety riding not in day time but also in dark nights. Our jackets are equipped with reflective 12 reflective panels.
4 X Front Panels
4 X Back Panels
4 X Sleeve Panels

Better Adjustment:
Moto wizard jackets are designed while keeping in mind varied customer needs. Velcro strap is added to provide versatile adjustment both for waist and cuff.

Removable lining:
Our jackets are equipped with quilting lining which are completely removable, washable and tumbled to be dry. Quilting lining provides extra warmness during winter season and removability feature enable us to wear this jacket in summer season too.

CE Armour Protection:
Moto wizard jackets are pre equipped with CE approved armour protection including shoulder and elbow guards and armours are completely removable so you can use the jacket for casual wearing.
All Season Jacket:
Moto Wizard jackets are providing enough flexibility that you can use this jacket in all 4 seasons. Warm quilted lining inside the jacket that is specially designed for winter season is completely removable so you can use this jacket in summer season too.

Exclusive design:
Moto Wizard jackets not only promised to provide necessary riding protection but also focused on providing stylish look and feel. High quality Cardura material and colourful dobby mat fabric make jacket more beautiful and elegant.

Inside Pockets:
Our jacket is equipped with two pockets at front and two pockets at lining. One pocket is placed inside the jackets that is fully waterproof and allows you to keep documents, wallets, mobile phone etc. in this pocket to keep them secure from varying weather conditions.
Adjustable Arms:
Our moto wizard jacket provides enough elasticity to fit the needs of varied customers. Brass buttons are placed on arms to provide better arm adjustment.

Key Features:
• Comfortable
• YKK zip fly
• Fastening- zip
• Extra foam padding at front and back to provide maximum protection
• Thick foam padding at back
• Waterproof
• All weather jacket
• 12X Reflective strips
• 6X Air Vents

• Quality 100% waterproof Korean 600D Cordura construction. Reissa breathable waterproofing.
• CE Approved Removable KNEE & HIP Armors.
• Anti-slip material at middle prevent to skid from motorbike seat.
• Quality waterproof ykk zips + 11” ankle zip for ease taking trousers off & putting them on Velcro strap over ankle to tighten the gap and reduce draft and up spray
• 3M Reflective material to increase visibility
• 8” connection zip to zip into our matching jackets
• Great for winter and summer as has removable thermal lining
• Elasticated panel at knee area & adjustable waist belt
• Double layered bottom & knee sections
• Stylish Zip Pockets on both Legs
• Trouser for all weather