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Experience an innovative and stylish alternative to public transportation and expensive private cars with the use of this efficient electric bike. Offering reliability and great performance, as well as an enhanced battery, the Powacycle Milan 2 LPX Electric Bike is one of the most practical modes of transportation available in the UK.

The electric bike features a rack behind the seat so that you may carry items along. A portable charger keeps the batteries charged up. The Lithium battery stores power for the 200-watt bike motor, and is much lighter and more powerful than a lead acid battery. You can travel about 30 miles on a single charge. A six-gear shifting mechanism easily adjusts to your cycling rate. The kickstand secures the bike in an upright position. Tires are pneumatic, ensuring a more comfortable journey on any surface.

The Powacycle Milan 2LPX Electric Bike is capable of speeds up to 15.5 mph. You’ll ride comfortably knowing that you aren’t contributing to local pollution. You can rest assured that you are not only helping the environment, but you are also benefiting from very low travel costs. If you wish to be more interactive, you can pedal the bike along flat routes, and then engage the motor to conquer hills with ease.
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