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My name is Jessica and I run Abra Reiki.

I’m a certified and insured Usui Reiki practitioner based in Dalston, Haggerston. I am also a member of The Reiki Guild.

Reiki is a Japanese complementary therapy and system of self improvement that uses life force energy to encourage, spiritual, emotional and physical well being. Reiki works by sharing energy through energy centres located in the body. Each of these energy centres has a function and corresponds to specific life areas, body parts, organs and emotions.

A lack of harmony, blockages or under/over activity in these centres can express itself as physical and emotional pain, addiction, illness and a feeling of being "stuck" in life. By placing their hands over or on these centres, a Reiki practitioner shares energy through their hands to the centres which in turn helps to bring it and us closer to a state of balance.

Clients have reported feeling uplifted, improvement in sleep and mood, a reduction in stress, anxiety, physical and emotional discomfort.

The thing I’ve observed the most with Reiki is how it creates a space for people to come back to themselves by quieting the thinking brain and relaxing the physical body.

Reiki helps us reconnect with our inner teacher - the wise part of us that already knows without knowing why or how. With time, a little work and practice, we learn to observe, listen, and trust the signals our intuition sends so that we can move towards the things that nourish us and others.

Oftentimes clients seek Reiki treatment when they are experiencing a low period in their lives. Reiki can absolutely help us feel uplifted during hard times. One of the most powerful things about Reiki is witnessing how consistent Reiki treatment can bring harmony to our lives every single day.

I believe in consistent acts of self love and care that help bring positive change so that we don’t have to reach an ultimate low point. For this reason, I recommend receiving Reiki treatment every 2 to 4 weeks as a way to check in with yourself on a regular basis.

Sessions can be booked Monday - Sunday on the hour beginning at 10am and ending at 9pm.

A 60 minute session is £65.

I’ve completed all of the training provided by my Reiki governing body on how to return to work safely during Covid-19 and follow a set of guidelines to make sure our sessions are as comfortable, tranquil and above all, as safe as they can be during these times.

I look forward to sharing Reiki with you.

Client Testimonials: (Verified on Google and Facebook)

"From start to finish Jess was present and generous, making me feel completely at ease in her hands. For the entirety of our session I felt a deep sense of peace and well-being, like entering a meditative state, which I awoke from feeling nourished and replenished. Afterwards Jess offered a personal and meaningful reading that I wasn't expecting and that opened my eyes to some areas in myself that require more love and attention. Her follow-up showed how much she cares about her clients and their experience. This session helped to connect my mind, body and spirit in a way I struggle to on my own. I'm grateful for Jess and her practice."

Leann S.

"These sessions have helped me in numerous ways that I wouldn't have been able to anticipate prior to giving it a shot. Jessica brings a level of attention, genuine care for your well-being and focused calm to each session, while giving you specific pointers to help maintain the effects post-session. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who struggles concentrating or finds themselves overwhelmed with life in general - it works wonders!'

Gia L.

"My first encounter with Reiki has been through Jessica and it’s been such an eye opening, positive and hopeful experience. I was very open with Jessica about my reasons for being curious about wanting to try Reiki and in return she was too, which made me feel less alone. From the minute I first reached out, to the session, to checking up on me after my session, Jessica has been there! She’s brilliant."

Astrid G.

'I had my first Reiki session ever with Abra reiki and it was a very powerful experience. Jessica is so gentle and friendly...and I immediately felt in good hands! I felt relaxed throughout although I could feel how my emotions were flowing. It helped me to reconnect with what was going on in my mind, body and soul.'

Adriana P.

'My reiki session with Jessica helped me reconnect with my mind and body in a way I didn’t expect. She did a great job of explaining how my present sensations were linked to past and current emotions I was aware of but not fully engaging with. I felt I was in the hands of a professional the entire time, which made me trust and enjoy the process.'

Adina I.

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