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Industries today face a cut throat competition amongst in order to be at the zenith, they need to act smart and work effectively. Majority of the smart companies today have adopted Business Process Management and Robotic Process Automation in order to improve productivity.
RPA installed device can track human actions to replicate them and performs the complex and rule-based tasks required. Robotic automation for organizational operations offers improved customer experience and operational excellence by increasing performance, efficiency and agility.
Why It Matters
Robotic process automation can support business in putting human resources to a much efficient use, resulting in increased productivity. Deployment of RPA can automate mundane rule-based processes, enabling business devote more time to serve customers and towards other higher-value work.
Future with RPA
RPA implementations will start to move from pilots and proof of concepts to real production in all possible industries. It will be integrated with the human work, creating a more powerful ‘total workforce’. It is highly anticipated that RPA will be the future of IT automations.* It is expected that RPA market is going to reach about USD 8.75 billion by the year 2024.
* Source-
RPA Capabilities
What We Do
We create business automations through operational, technical and industrial efficiencies saving time and workforce.
Our RPA solutions boost efficiency and control costs by deploying virtual agents to perform routine and repetitive business tasks.
Our Accelerators
Our Digital Operations Center provides a unified business interoperability interface to monitor and manage RPA-enabled operations. Following are its key components –
• Agnostic Tool – This enhanced RPA can integrate with the BOTs developed on different RPA platforms
• Real-time Monitoring Application - It monitors all stages of the task execution across manual processing and BOTs
• API/Open Database Connectivity - Our RPA tool can effortlessly integrate with underlying process enabling systems through API/Open Database Connectivity
• Unified dashboard view of process and bot performance
• Multiple KPIs - Our DOC is capable of embedding multiple KPIs to supervise the process and evaluate the Bot performance.
Automation Vault:
Our Automation Vault is a centralized repository of sustainable RPA components which aids -
• Accelerated advancing of bots
• Development standardization
• Reduction of maintenance effort
• Interface for contextual search-based retrieval
The primary motive of this vault is to enable accelerated advancement of bots that comprise the general functionalities and it is being leveraged on multiple engagements.
Configuration Manager :
Configuration Manager enables the operations team to quickly respond to business requirements or any queries provided to the end user with less to no interference from the automation team. We provide the end user -
• Configure business statutes.
• Permission to make changes to process parameters such as threshold limits, input sources etc.
Redefining Business Processes with RPA:
We have been automating diverse business process spanning different industries using our highly advanced RPA.
Expert Services
We supercharge business processes by combining RPA with cognitive technologies. We figure out the use of software to ease business operations without increasing staff or costs.
RPA Consultation:
Establish an automated strategy or setup RPA "Center of Excellence" at your organization.
Automation Lifecycle Management:
Use our highly skilled RPA staff to build, operate and maintain RPA projects.
Hosted Automation:
Cloud hosted, RPA optimized environment to meet any automation challenge.

We understand that the artificial intelligence is new and versatile and hence you might be wondering if it can suite your business functions.
We let you discover what Robotic Process Automation can do for you
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Athena Global Technologies Ltd
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