The Best Irish Tartan Kilt Available Online

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The Best Irish Tartan Kilt Available Online
Published 1 month ago


Scottish kilt has a colorful and long record of tartans, while Irish kilts is a bit spotty. Irish kilts were probably a long tunic that is made from color cloth, normally dark green or saffron. This solid toned is a sign of Celtic nationalism in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Now, Irish kilts are a little bit simpler than the multi-color and plaid Scottish tartans kilt.
Made to measure, this trendy and very chic Irish tartan kilt from Cheap Kilt is made of eight yards, 16oz high quality poly-viscose with tassel and deep pleats. Every pleat is sewn one by one in order to make sure that they keep sharp and withstand regular use. It has 3 straps made of leather material that provides flexibility to fit you very well. This custom made kilt is available for a fraction of cost and what is more, customers choose any size any length too.

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