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Unique party entertainment in Edinburgh, psychic card reading parties in Edinburgh

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**Unique and exclusive party entertainment during your dinner party**

For any prestigious party or event, one always requires guest orientated,
personal, fun-filled, entertaining but exclusive activities for guests and clients.
This is where my offered services can come in for you.
I am an experienced advisor and psychic card reader providing psychic readings using cards, angels and astrology.

For any imaginative and distinctly original event or party offering my psychic readings for your guests will be a unique choice of entertainment.

Why not give your clients/friends/family the option to get some empowering advice
or answers to their questions in a personal one-on-one reading?
It would be an absolute unique activity for an event or party
and as I am providing those party bookings by phone or via Skype only,
you will not even have to arrange a lot of space for this either,
but be able to offer an absolute unique and personal activity for your guests
that is adapted to today's multimedia times, by using a laptop and a headset or i-Phone, Smartphone or simple phone.

It's no work for you at all, and the activity is very convenient for your guests
and rather easy to clean up for you, as the tidying up will mainly involve,
taking away the laptop, i-Phone, Smartphone or phone and the chair only.

Calling via Skype is free, can be recorded, and a Skype call is just a very convenient way to have a reading anyway.
For more online security we also use the 100% fully encrypted free software Vsee, as doctors worldwide use as well.
You only require the free Skype/Vsee software - this can be downloaded free of charge in a minute or two.
Vsee's procedure is even more easy.
Then by simply using a broadband/DSL internet connection and a headset at the laptop,
or i-Phone, Smartphone your guests could just be in front of that laptop or i-Phone,Smartphone one by one,
receiving a very personal, private and confidential reading
absolutely accustomed to the new media age we live in.

It's a fact that phone/Skype/Vsee readings are much more accurate than face-to-face readings
as during a phone/Skype/Vsee reading the reader does not have any distractions
and can therefore focus the psychic gifts much more accurately!

As everyone will want to have their individual reading in a private setting, even during a party,
this Skype option works wonderfully, as everyone would be 'going to the laptop' only,
to have their private reading. Afterwards joining the people on the party/event once again.
Telling the other party guests as much or as little about their readings, just as they wish.
In this way readings are provided in an absolute confidential setting for everyone.
And naturally everyone will be mostly interested in receiving their reading
rather than having the card reader 'party' with everyone.
Hence this option is perfectly suited for any event or party you might organize.

Such party/event activity works well as a time filler in general, but also as an exclusive additional activity
or as an activity to keep guests entertained while waiting for the start of another activity later after a buffet meal etc.
As you know people don't always finish a buffet at the same time
and so it makes a party even better by having an additional activity available for guests to take part in,
for when they finished their meals or have a bit of time to spare while waiting in a queue etc..

If this sounds interesting to you and you would like to perhaps offer my psychic readings at your events or parties,
please let me know and I will answer any further questions you might have, and provide you with more details.
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