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What Happens if a Diseased Tooth is Not Treated?

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If you try to avoid a root canal procedure or do not treat it at the right time, the diseased or injured nerve could cause the infection to spread. It leads to pus development at the root tip in the jawbone. If left untreated for a long time, it would form a "pus-pocket" referred to as an abscess. This abscess can cause damage to the bone surrounding the teeth, causing it to breakdown, loosen and ultimately fall out. The whole process is very painful and could result in teeth loss.

If you are still not convinced about a root canal treatment, you could also choose to have the tooth extracted. Tooth extraction is definitely a cheaper process but would leave you with a missing tooth. And missing teeth have further consequences like a bad bite, misalignment and shifting of the surrounding teeth, and crooked positions to name a few. To fix a missing tooth, you would have to undergo a bridge or an implant, which is likely to be a painful process.So it is always advisable to opt for a root canal treatmentto retain your original teeth.

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