What Is WEEE Recycling & WEEE Directive

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Without further ado, lets cut right to the chase, shall we? First things first, WEEE is not a word in itself. It is an acronym. Lacking any dots between the letters, it is pronounced just as it is seen. WEEE stands for Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment.

But what really is a Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment? It is important first to understand what Electric and Electronic Equipment (EEE) are. EEE is equipment that uses electromagnetic fields or electric current for transmitting, measuring and generating fields and currents. Now when the users or owners of EEEs dispose and get rid off them, they then become Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment.

There are majorly two types Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. They are:

1. Household WEEE: Yes, they are just what they sound like. These include a host of electrical appliances that are found and used in the home. They range from TVs to refrigerators, to lamps, to routers, to air conditioners, to a billion other things that make life easier in the home.

2. Non-household WEEE: These are bigger electrical appliances and equipment that are usually found in companies. They are used for manufacturing purposes. They may include industrial generators, large baking ovens, batteries, conveyor machines, etc.

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