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Mini Film Festival: Saturday 9th February

Join us on Saturday 15th June for this mini festival to watch some of WORLDwrite’s greatest award winning documentaries. Tickets are £5 for the day or £1.50 per film.

The films being screened on the day are:

10.45am-11:15am ‘I'm a subsistence farmer...get me out of here!’ As Westerners celebrate nature and the so-called simple life, many in the developing world yearn for the comforts of urban modernity. Shot in Ghana, the film is packed with hard-hitting truths which may disturb Western romantic notions of rural life. We learn that many would rather live in an urban shanty town than stay stuck in subsistence life in rural areas, which means mud huts and mind-numbing toil. Visit the website for the trailer and more details here:

11.45am-1.30pm ‘Women: a success story’: documents the great advances of the past 100 years and celebrates women as equals in the West today. Confronting contemporary myths and prejudices that suggest the world is awash with predators, misogyny and discrimination, over 40 real women give us a fresh perspective, tell us we have nothing to fear and we can do anything. To watch the trailer, click here:

2pm-4.00pm ‘Every Cook Can Govern: The life, impact & works of C.L.R. James’: This feature-length documentary interweaves never-before-seen footage of C.L.R. James himself with personal contributions from those who knew him and astute historical and political analysis from leading scholars of his work. To watch the trailer, click here:

4.30pm-5:45pm '1917: Why the Russian Revolution matters': To mark the centenary of October 1917, this myth-busting documentary explores the context, causes and consequences of ten days that shook the world and went on to define politics and international relations throughout the twentieth century. To watch the trailer, click here:

6.15pm-6:45pm 'A Letter to Geldof' Shot in Ghana, this documentary forms a letter to Sir Bob Geldof, who was crowned Chief of Development in a town called Ajumako-Bisease. People there believed he would help the town develop, but we learn of their disappointment and are subsequently led to reflect on the meaning of promises and the treatment of Africa as a cause for celebrities. Visit the website for trailer and more details here:

To book your ticket, please visit our Eventbrite webpage here:

We hope you will join us on Saturday 15th June for some or all of the screenings at the WORLDwrite centre in Hackney (E5 0AL). There will be a very short Q&A after each screening with Ceri Dingle, the director of these films and producer Marisa Pereira.

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